Business zone "Glinište"

Area of the municipality Tešanj is one of the most dynamic environments for doing business in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This municipality has a number of export oriented micro, small and medium size companies that, according to the results from 2014, have annual turnover of 1.3 billion BAM and employ 10,078 workers. Value of exports from production sector in municipality Tešanj is BAM 352,873 million, and export markets include more than 60 countries on 6 continents. Since 2010 this municipality has seen a continuous increase in number of businesses, turnover and number of employees, realized exports and investments, with implementation of more than 20 foreign direct investments over the considered period. However, in terms of the available business infrastructure, the described trend of growth has resulted with situation that at this time, only 12 ha or 18% of total area of industrial land in existing business zones has remained available.

Business Zone Glinište is located around 5 km north of the town of Tešanj, on the section of the main road M-4, between Doboj and Jelah, on the area of 71.16 hectares of land. Development of the business zone has been identified in the Regulation Plan for the Business Zone Glinište, that foresees development of 39 new business/production buildings and 10 business buildings on the area of this business zone. In addition to the production and business buildings, the plan is to also build additional 199 residential buildings with 398 housing units, while retaining the existing 116 residential buildings with 232 housing units and 5 residential-business buildings with 5 housing units.

O the planned location of business zone Glinište the necessary infrastructure for business processes had not existed until 2009. Municipality Tešanj, as the body responsible for development of the business zone Glinište, had invested a total of BAM 747.092 in the period 2009-2014 in development of spatial planning documentation and construction of 700 m asphalted road together with sewer, electric, water supply and telecommunication infrastructure. Starting from 2016, municipality Tešanj plans to continue developing the business zone Glinište by investing the average 200.000 BAM per year.

Location Tešanj, area of localities Jelah, Rosulje and Vukovo
Type of zone (greenfield or brownfield) Greenfield
Type of industry orientation Industrial/Entrepreneurship/Craft
Management model Not defined yet
Ownership Mixed (state and privately owned)
Number of business entities 4
Surface 76 ha
Number of free parcels 20
Price of land 25,00 BAM/m²
Characteristics of surface Mildly sloped
Landslide and flood threat No
Transportation infrastructure In constant development
Power Yes
Water (drinking/industrial) Yes
Telecommunication Yes
Gas No
Sewage Partial
Solid waste collection available Yes
Taxes and fees by different decisions Construction land fee
It is paid according to Decision on construction land Fee for change of land use purpose
Value of rent and cadastre fee It is paid according to Decision on construction land
Issuing technical approval fee Fee depends on building type and size according to Municipality decision on Administration fee.
Total utility fee Not paid
Connection to water and sewage system (BAM) For businesses in ownership of legal entities: 1.500,00 BAM
For businesses in ownership of physical persons: 1.200,00 BAM
Power system connection (BAM) Fee per plant power (peak hours) with all expenses and substation– 25.000,00
Sanitary and Fire protection approval (BAM) Sanitary Approval 100, 00
Fire protection Approval 5, 00-20,00
Construction land fee is paid according to incentives defined in Decision on construction land. For business and industrial buildings for which calculated tax is 500 to 1000 BAM, the highest tax value cannot be more than 500 BAM, and for business and industrial buildings for which calculated tax is more than 1.000 BAM, the highest tax value cannot be more than 1.000 BAM.
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