Municipality of Teslic

The Municipality of Teslic, as the unit of  local self-governance, represent the service to the citizens who achieve their interests there via municipal departments in following sectors: culture,education,informing,social welfare,and health care and also where can deal with public affairs, finance governance stipulated by the Constitution and by Law.

Municipal Administration Teslic is consisted of Mayors Office, seven departments and three sevices. Department for the Development and Investments represent the key actor of development processes at Teslic municipality area. The main task of the Department is to contribute  to better utilization of avaliable resources of Teslic municipality, increasing of unemployment and to improve the life quality of Teslic citizens. The Department is led by the Head of Department and three independent expert associates are employed there. Since its establishing in 2009, Department implemented more than 30 projects in sector of agriculture, tourism, social inclusion, education, rural development, environmental protection and infrastructure project, flood recovery project at Teslic municipality area.