“RAŽ” - Development Agency Žepče

Development Agency Žepče was founded in 2010 by the municipality of Žepče to support the SMEs and overall economic, social and cultural development of the whole area of the municipality of Žepče. Development Agency Žepče aims at small and medium-sized enterprises, artisans, cooperatives and farmers' association, public institutions, civil society in Žepče municipality. Organizational unit of Development Agency Žepče is the Center for investors of Žepče municipality that focuses on working with local and foreign investors.

Priority activities of the Agency are: development of entrepreneurship, human resources and the labor market; promote and attract investment; the development of sustainable agriculture and tourism; strategic planning in the public and private sectors; preparation and management of development projects; and the development of civil society. Development Agency Žepče founded the first network of local development agencies in BiH and is a member of the Network LED-net in BH and GARD network for rural development in BiH.